Blogs I Recommend

As seen on my “Recommended Blogs” tab, there are several blogs which I enjoy reading and keeping up with. These sites contain themes to match the personality of the content and author, which is what I have attempted to reflect in my stylistic and aesthetic choices on this blog. Find a closer look on the blogs that inspire me below.



Tara Michelle Interiors – “Decorating and Organizing on a Budget!

Tara Michelle

Business owner and mother of two children, Tara Michelle, sees design as more than a hobby. Michelle describes design as a lifestyle and “family tradition.” She creates home decor, furniture, and other do-it-yourself projects which save readers money and provide them with unique pieces for their homes that they can easily create. She is a graduate from the Professional Interior Decorating Program at Bow Valley College in Calgary, located in Alberta, Canada.


Blog 2 (1)


The Extra Income Project – “My journey from massive debt to financial freedom.

Lloyd Phillips

Lloyd Phillips provides advice for managing a budget, financial planning, and eliminating/avoiding debt based off of his personal experiences with it. By going against the traditional ideologies of a 9 to 5 job, Phillips began to work from home as a freelance marketer and web developer – finally achieving his dream of getting out of the “rat race.” However, he also found himself in quite a bit of debt when doing so. While Phillips only discloses exactly how much debt he faced at the worst to those on his mailing list, the tips and information provided within his blog are valuable beyond measure.


Blog 3

Ark in the Desert – “hope in His promises

Sarah (Last name not disclosed)

Spiritual writing about life and the Gospel


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