5 Most Absurd 2017 Met Gala Moments

The Met Gala, an annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, is a huge moment for celebrities and designers alike. From outrageous outfits to cut-off dreadlocks on the runway, Monday night’s Met Gala was the most unique to date. Here are some of the most absurd 2017 Met Gala moments — arranged in no particular order.

1. Madonna Drinking Out of a Flask


Source: Giphy

Madonna wore a camouflage floor-length gown, along with several gold chained necklaces. She also wore a hip flask which featured a gold chain to match her jewelry, and she wasn’t shy about taking a swig in front of the cameras.

2. Rihanna’s “Best Dressed” Title

giphy (29).gif

Rihanna sported florals with red gladiator heels on Monday, earning her the title of “best dressed.” Source: Giphy

Rihanna’s Comme des Garçons getup landed her the “best dressed” title of the Met Ball. The number is fitting for the event, which was created to celebrate and honor clothing as an art form. Whether you hate it or love it, this dress is an eye-catcher.

3. Jaden Smith’s Dreadlocks

giphy (27)

Source: Giphy

Jaden Smith sported more than his outfit, chain necklaces, and gold mouthpiece at the Met Ball. He also sported dreadlocks…that weren’t attached to his head. The actor’s father, Will Smith, cut his dreadlocks off several weeks prior to the Gala.

4. Katy Perry’s Look

giphy (28).gif

Katy Perry’s Maison Margiela gown by John Galliano sparked controversy, as the designer was fired from Christian Dior for anti-semitic statements. Source: Giphy

Katy Perry, a co-host of the night’s festivities, wore a design by John Galliano. Red tulle and a veil equipped with mirrors made the look even more peculiar. The designer of the gown was fired for making racist statements about Jewish people, which has caused many to criticize Perry for her outfit choice.

5. Kim Kardashian-West’s Toned Down Outfit

giphy (30)

Source: Giphy

After being robbed in Paris last year, Kim Kardashian-West has toned down the amount of information she shares with the public; along with the amount of jewelry and flashy clothing she wears. This low-key Vivienne Westwood gown is a contradiction to the looks that Kardashian-West has worn to the Met Gala in past years.


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