(Image: Pexels)

This blog was created for Applied Writing for the Media (Communication 410) at Eastern New Mexico University.

I am currently a senior at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) majoring in Communication. My work has been featured by Photopreneur Magazine, Dialog Magazine, USA TODAY, USA TODAY College, Prose Media, The Odyssey, and Eastern New Mexico University’s The Chase.

It is my belief that the things that go unspoken about are the topics that most need discussing, and I have faith in God and Moscato to carry me through all adversities. My ultimate ambition is to produce content that inspires, informs, and enlightens others. Integrity is the core concept I strive to apply to all aspects of life.

I specialize in creating and writing unique content. Find my professional website here and my portfolio here.


Read more about me here: HoundBytes – Eastern New Mexico University’s Online Magazine


Zeek, our Husky-German Shepherd (and potentially Wolf) Mix


Lukas, my other half of over six years (my fiance)


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